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In this article I will share with you how to toured the city. Budapest is capital of the hungary. it’s become two side and these are Pest and Buda. Several bridge is connecting this two side but certainly, Chain bridge is the most beautiful. Budapest is a city where daily life and history are intertwined. You will feel this when tour the city.

Local people talk Hungarian and currency is froint.

Certainly, everyone prefer to summer travel. I was go to Budapest on april and june. It was cold and rainy on april so my advice summer months. You can enjoy of Budapest on sunny days  and spend time on the cafe of near danube river.

How to go ?

You can go to Budapest by train or bus from Bratislava or Vienna.  For bus here, for train here.

Where to stay ?

You can prefer hostels for accommodation the best price. Price is different every season. I was accommodation Maverick hostel and Activity hostel. Maverick is cheap and comfortable hostel. it has female dormitory. Room has lamp and plug on every bed. Plug and lamp very important 🙂 Maverick price was 7 euro on april but this price go up untill 13 euro on summer months. Maverick website is here. Activity hostel in the most famous street of the Budapest. This street Andrassy ut. it is near Chain bridge and opera house. Location is very good but hasn’t breakfast. This hostel’s price is 7 or 8 euro.

Budapest has too sights. 🙂

Free walking tour is very good chance for who want to learn city. I visit to city myself after attended this tour on first day. The local guide take away important place of the Budapest. Actually, you see almost half of the sights. Guide tell you place’s history so I think it’s helpful but you can’t spend time until you want. After If you want, you can go to again. Free walking tour website is here. Meeting time, place and tour’s plan is here.

Certainly, you should walk Andrassy ut from end to end. This street is been put under protection by UNESCO. It’s wonderful street. Street’s start Erzsebest Ter and street’s end Hösök Tere.

Monument of the important heros of Magyar history is on Hösök Tere. Figure of the under every hero show the part of the heros life. Also celebration and formal ceremony is done in this square.

Hösök Tere

Nyugati palyaudvar is old train station of the Budapest. We was wonder and entered. Maybe you interest.


Nyugati Palyaudvar

Newyok cafe is the most beautiful cafe of the Budapest. You go and drink coffee. I couldn’t enter because very crowded. If you have time, worth waiting for this.

Newyork cafe

Ruin bar is pretty prevalent in Budapest. The first is Szimpla Kert. it’s draw interest with different concept. Photograph quality is bad but I haven’t another photograph.

Szimpla Kert

Opera house and Stephen’s basilica is on Andrassy Ut. Opera house is the most magnificent building on the street. If you interest , You can buy ticket for opera. Absolutely, you should see inside the building.

Opera house

When you walk on the street, you can see pictures on the building wall.

Aziz stephan’s mummified hand is in this basilica. Also this basilica is the most high building of the Budapest. Gelarto Rosa and Divino is opposite basilica. If you drink wine, Divino is good choice.

Stephan’s basilica is end of the street

Gelarto rosa making rose-shaped ice cream. If you have love, you can lock to love lock tree of Erzsebest Ter. Normally, People lock their love any bridge in europe. This is different in Budapest.

Gelarto Rosa

When you go to near Danube river, you will see a girl child sculpted like a boy. You can see crowded tourist group of the  around this sculpt. Don’t panic. You go and caress its knee because It is believed that those who are caress the knee of this statue will come back to Budapest. (I do not know coincidence but I was caress and come back.)

we was caress knee

Chain bridge is impressive with architecture. Also it has story. According to legend, bridge’s architect trust his work so much. He said he would throw himself off the bridge if there was a defect in his work. No one really found a single fault. Until a child comes out and says that the lions on the bridge do not have tongues. According the legend, bridge’s architect kill oneself.

Chain Bridge

This part was Pest side. Next writing will about the Buda side.

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