Top 10 Things To Do in Rome

You know that should need to do some activities in somewhere because if you don’t, this mean you didn’t go to there. There is much to do in the roma. Rome is rich in sights, food and cultural activities.

Take a look Top 10 things to do in rome together.

1.Throw coin into the Trevi fountain and make a wish.

Trevi Fountain

Trevi fountain is the best famous build in Rome. You should throw coin from over the left shoulder to fountain. Cause of throw coin to the fountain: believe some people will come back to Rome, some of them will find love. Collected coins are send to philanthropic institutions.

2.Sit down in Spanis steps and rest.

Photograph from google

Why its name Spanish steps ? Because it is in Spanish Square where was taking name from Spanish embassy.  Don’t forget go to Trinita monti church over of the steps.

3.Eat tiramisu in Pompi.

On the opposite side of the spanish stairs. It is very delicious. Certainly you should try !

4.Take a walk in Villa Borghese.

If you get bored from crowded tourist group, Villa borghese is for you. İt is the biggest land in Rome. You can walk, go boating in the lake or have a picnic.

5.Certainly go to the local bazaar.

The best way of know a city go to local bazaars. If you wonder life of the local people, Escape from the tourist groups and join local people. My advice to you don’t miss bazaar of the proper day and time for you.

6.Do pleasure of coffee in Antico Caffe Greco.

Antico Caffe Greco

Known as the oldest cafe of the world. when you enter to inside, you feel go back to a hundreds year. Goethe came often when he lived in Roma. Don’t return without drink coffee.

7.Walk in Via Condotti

There is a lot antique shop in this street and their inside is really impressive. You will admire old furniture,sculptures and gold-leaf consoles. İf you have interest to antiques, you should visit. The best antiques I have ever seen were here.

8. Eat ice cream in Giolitti

I found Giolitti of my research result on before go to Rome. Suddenly, it appeared in side street. If you see crowd tourist groups, You known near to Giolitti. Giolitti has done ice cream since 1900s. It is the best famous ice cream seller in Rome. If you wanna eat ice cream in here, you should agree to wait in line.

9.See colosseum in day as well as night.

Colosseum is the biggest amphitheatre of the world. It was used for gladiator fights and animal fights on old times.

10.Go to Sistine Chapel

Sistine chapel is in Vatican museum. Ceiling fresco was done by Michelangelo for Papa II. Julius.


My advice to you try to travel on foot in Rome. Don’t forget you can explore a lot of great places in side street.


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