We spent more time here than the other villages. Villages center and beach are very enjoyable. In night, restaurant on rocks is crowded. You spend time aproximately 10-15 minutes for all of Riomaggiore. I advice you, walk on path and should see Riomaggiore from hill. If you want to swim, Sadly, I should say you, this village hasn’t beach.


You should use underground for go to both of train station and near the sea. When you arrive seaside, you will see fish restaurants. Maybe, you want to try either eat something or drink wine.

Lover’s lane is most famous way in among Riomaggiore and Manarola. There are locks throughout this way. Sometimes ways of between villages are closed. You should check out on before go. Also Italian state decided to get limited tourist for Cinqueterre because of historic fabric of cinqueterre is damaged. Specially for summers month, I advice you, check this !

If you see, There is a Riomaggiore castle on the hill. You should arrive while walk to up.  Sea sports are prevalent in Riomaggiore where has full equipped diving center then also you can both of sailing and trekking in here.

Sciacchertra is famous wine of this area. Then also you can try limoncino which is famous drink in here. Somebody like and think more delicious but somebody don’t like and think disgusting.
There is pizza reastaurant opposite the train station. This pizzas are amazing. It’s name K&PRİS. Certainly try!

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